Sortiment of stock lenses

ALTA supplies markets with products of high quality, using individualized approach to customers and their needs.

 Example of our 'in stock' Plastic Resin Single Vision Lenses:

MULTI1.jpgMulti Plus
Our 'bench grade' resin antireflection coated lens
Produced in light weight 1,56 mid index resin material (standard index for resin 1,5)
Water Repellent surface
Refections virtually eliminated with transmission up to 98%
Protection from harmful rays

Produced in a 1,61 index of material making this lens thinner and lighter in weight
Water Repellent surface
Reflections virtually eliminated with transmission up to 98%
Protection for harmful rays
Ideal for more powerful optical prescriptions

Produced in an even higher index of resin at 1,67
This is an ideal choice for very high strength optical prescriptions
Again Water Repellent and offering easy clean surface coating
Reflections virtually eliminated with transmission up to 98%
Protection for harmful rays

New Super thin Delta 1,74 material now in stock!

ALX1.jpgAltex  (Trivex type lens material)
Trivex - Registered trade mark of PPG Optical Products.Trivex® Type Lens Material 

This 1,6 index lens is made from a super strong ultra light weight resin
Ideal for today's modern RIMLESS spectacle mounts or frames
Amazing resistance to breakage making it an ideal choice for kids and sport
Same great Water Repellent easy clean coating plus all benefits of our other lenses!!


We have in stock ready to wear, the amazing Transitions photochromic light weight resin lenses!!

This really is the HEALTHY option for YOUR eyes!!
Amazing fast darkening in natural sunlight and equally fast return to virtually clear for indoors

Transitions Lenses automatically help to:

    Reduce glare
    Prevent eye fatigue
    Protect from harmful UV rays

STOCK glass single vision
lenses also available in various index of glass - call us for more information

Give your vision the ALTA touch!!

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