From the Laboratory of ALTA s.r.o.

ALTA supplies markets with products of high quality, using individualized approach to customers and their needs.

Our workplace is equipped with the latest modern technology. Digitally controlled machining is our standard production process. As the only company in Czech Republic, we use our own software for calculations of scientific and technical data. Our software is not only able to calulate paremeters of lens production, but also manages our digital equipment. The quality of products is controlled at all points of the production process to ensure the best quality and requested specifications to achieve accuracy beyond standard norms.

ALTA was the first company in our market that introduced manufacturing of photochromic plastics, and first to introduce manufacturing plastics with a higher index of refraction. We also hold a huge stock of spectacle frames enhancing the choice for customers.

ALTA produces custom tailored polarized clip-ons. These are made from triacetate (sheet thickness 1.2 mm only), in a combination of black metal/dark grey lens. It is possible to apply them also to drilled frames. Our manufacturing capability is able to cover 90% of glasses frames, depending on the optical correction and frame shapes. Please consult with us or with your eyecare optician – ask for FLEXI KLIP ALTA.)

DNEye® Scanner

Alta and Rodenstock now offer the DNEye® total visual comfort experience. Multifocal lenses have never been this comfortable, taking sharper vision and higher contrast to a whole new level of performance; especially noticeable when driving at dusk.

Come and experience the latest holistic approach to eye sight from Rodenstock offering 100% better vision.

We are the first and only opticians in Prague to use the DNEye® Scanner.

DNEye® coupled with our existing Rodenstock ImpressionIST, simply means the best vision possible!!


ALTA and RODENSTOCK in proud partnership

3D FREE FORM - Multifocal Spectacle Lenses

Impression® from RODENSTOCK


'No one else has more experience!'

ALTA is proud to be partnering with RODENSTOCK to bring you the latest in 3D freeform multifocal spectacle lenses. Rodenstock freeform multifocal lenses offer you, the wearer, a totally individualised and personalised approach to spectacle wearing!

Click on the link to ImpressionIST for a totally new experience in multifocal fitting!!


Benefits of freeform technology:

    Up to 10% wider field of view

    Up to 20% less swim effect

    Up to 40% improved visual performance providing better vision comfort

    State - of - the - art - technology 

    Aesthetically attractive lenses

Solitaire Protect Plus - for lasting, brilliant vision

Take advantage of the very best antireflection coating available, with multiple benefits. Spectacles stay cleaner longer - and are easier to clean when they need it!

Benefits to the wearer:

waterrepellent.jpg    Eyes are clearly visible behind the lenses, thanks to a lack of reflections

    Clear vision enhances driving safety, as reflections are minimized at night and in rainy weather

    Wear and scratch resistant

    Attracts no dust

    Lenses stay clean longer, with fewer cleanings


Overcast sky

Highly contrasted yellow-green tint enables a better detail discernment

In low light or overcast conditions, Drivewear's polarized lenses are a medium yellow/green shade. The polarized lenses remove glare & maximize useful light information reaching the eye for optimum visual acuity.


Bright sun in front of the windshield

Copper tint absorbs excess light and reflections

In bright light driving conditions Drivewear lenses become copper. The polarized lenses remove glare and control the intensity, providing good traffic signal recognition, highlighting red and green colors.


Bright sun outdoors

Dark brown coloring provides an optimal eyesight protection

In very bright outside conditions, Drivewear lenses darken the most. The polarized lenses remove glare and provide maximum filtration of excess light for optimum visual comfort and acuity.



Polarized lenses help to improve the most important function of eyeglasses: perfection of sharpness of focus. Polarized lenses have a special property - an ability to filter out blinding horizontal reflections. That result is impossible to achieve with other types of lenses or by their modifications.

Without polarized glasses


With polarized glasses


Polarized eyeglasses lenses are gaining on popularity and are offered by an ecpanding pool of manufacturers. That may lead to an impression that all of the polarized lense are produced by the same process and are in the same quality range, but that is not true.

NuPolar is a world leader in the field of correction polarized lenses. Nothing compares to NuPolar quality in optical requirements, polarization, effectiveness, consistency of color tints, resistence to increased temperature and many other factors. NuPolar guarantees the most progressive and the best polarized lens. When ordering polarized lenses, always elect NuPolar.


  • Very impact resistant (same as polycarbonate, in addition without internal buckling and resistant against chemical compounds)
  • Light and thin (index of refraction 1,53, density 1,11, 20% lighter than CR 39 )
  • Excellent optical properties (Abbe number 45, 100% ptotection against UV radiation )

TRILOGY is a new generation of eyeglasses lenses made from Trivex. This matrial was developed especially for modern drilled glasses.

We have gravure services -- pictures, letters and Zodiac signs on spectacle lenses

As the only Czech firm we provide gravure services - pick a gravure from our catalog, or we can apply a custom design.